Fees for services (as of 1 November 2019)

Standard Consultation                                  $180 per 50 minute consultation​​ ($200 Initial Consultation)

Off site consultation                                      $220 per 50 minute visit

School visits and meetings                            $300

Reports for NDIS and schools                       $330

(A rebate of $87.45 for a standard consultation may be available per session with a mental health care plan from a GP).

We see NDIS self managed clients at Keilor Psychology.



Cognitive (IQ)                                             $800 

(includes WISC-V or WPPSI-IV with report for home and school).

Cognitive & Learning                                  $1200

(includes WISC-IV or WPPSI-IV, and a range of learning assessments such as the Woodcock Johnson III, plus report for home and school).​

Autism Spectrum Disorder                         $1320 

(includes 2-3 assessment sessions, liaison with other professionals, home or kinder/school visit if required and report).