Stay tuned for news on the weekend Retreat for Teachers & School Support Staff, coming in 2015.


Teachers are fantastic at multitasking and what better way to put this skill to use than attending this PD retreat?  Get your stress management release in luxurious surroundings whilst addressing some of your professional learning needs.


Teachers and school staff deserve a break and need to ensure their own self care in order to support their students fully.  Stress also impacts on relationships with colleagues and parents and the ability to manage student needs.


Justine Knott is a former Leading Teacher, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Director of Keilor Psychology, who provides therapeutic retreats focused on stress management and wellbeing.  She is well aware of the stressors impacting on teachers and also the huge impact on teachers of managing students with special or mental health needs. 


All retreats are holistic in nature, and include massage treatments and yoga sessions. Only the most relaxing and luxurious venues are selected to ensure that participants are relaxed, rejuvenated and fully open to learning about effective self care and care for others.  The retreats include accommodation and dining to ensure that everything is provided and that participants don't have to worry about a thing. 


Express your interest on the form and you will receive a program of the event when available.