Social Skills Groups for School Age Children


Social skills groups are held each term for children with autism, ADHD, social anxiety or other relevant concerns. Justine specialises in working with school age children, with current groups in the 1-2,  3-4 and 5-6 grade level groups. Justine provides feedback each week to parents along with reference material to support home follow up. This facilitates generalisation of skills to the home setting.


Children are carefully matched with others of like development and need. Please enquire about current availability of places through the Contact page. 


Groups incorporate cognitive behavioural and social thinking approaches.  


Skills developed in groups include:


  • listening and eye contact

  • emotional self awareness

  • emotional regulation

  • reading facial expressions in others

  • reading body language in others

  • greeting and approaching others

  • conversational skills

  • initiating and maintaining friendships

  • coping with teasing and bullying

  • concentration and focus skills

  • organisational skills


Skills addressed are carefully tailored to meet the participants needs.






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