Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness or consciousness, under which the participant becomes highly influenced by the power of suggestion.  Hypnosis is an effective tool used in therapy in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches.  It usually speeds up and enhances therapeutic outcomes.​  Justine Knott has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis through the Australian Society of Hypnosis of which she is a Full Member.   Justine has used hypnosis successfully with adult and child clients for a number of years.

Justine Knott uses hypnosis to support many young people at school and university level in relation to exam and test anxiety. Justine teaches cognitive and behavioural techniques for calming and focus, integrated with hypnosis. Studies have shown that stress does interfere with memory, concentration and focus and can impede exam performance. Hypnosis has been found to be effective for all types of anxiety and once students learn these techniques they can apply them to future situations.  Usually a series of two to three hypnosis sessions is required.

During the first session Justine will assess the appropriateness of hypnosis as a technique for the presenting concerns.  A small minority of clients are not hypnotisable, however, most people have a moderate response to hypnosis.  It is effective for a range of conditions such as anxiety, mild to moderate depression, phobias, sleep disturbances and addictive behaviours.