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Feedback on our Wellness Retreats


What some of our lovely guests have said about our Retreats:



“Wow, what an empowering and relaxing weekend. I feel so envigorated. Thank-you Justine for organising a retreat tailored to what busy women want and need! ”

“Highly recommended for anyone looking for time to self reflect & rejuvenate. A warm and nurturing environment to give you what you deserve.”


“Justine delivered a wonderful, warm, inviting, safe environment for learning and evolving”


“A great opportunity to stop, reflect and focus on self with some indulgent treats. A must for all Mums.”


“As women we tend to neglect our needs and put our children first all the time. It’s so important to take time for yourself. I found Justine to be very professional, with attention to detail. It was a well coordinated and truly relaxing weekend and I’m so glad I took part. It was amazing!”


"This retreat was incredible. It helped me focus on myself, what I need to change to help me reach my goals and happiness. Justine had an agenda which targeted all different aspects of wellbeing. Overall the retreat brought to me a sense of calm, relaxation and learning to listen to my inner self. "

"Perfect setting, lovely food, glorious bushwalk, self reflection, meditation and yoga with a beautiful group of strong women."

"Justine's retreats are a wonderful way to re-align with what your body and mind needs. This is my third retreat with Justine and each has provided the space for me to focus on myself whilst providing calming and nurturing activities and reflections. "

The retreat gave me the opportunity to slow down and consider how I can re-integrate strategies back into my busy life.

"Once again Justine created a warm and inviting environment for me to be able to reflect and set goals for a better me. "